The survey of " Your Marriage"

This is the survey that was given by Mr.Hinata.

I answered very seriously!

I guess my answers were quite prejudiced.

Please don't look down on me!

【Q1 Do you want to marry?】

I didn't think so in my 20's.
My relatives often asked me "When are you going to get marry?",which bothered me every time I came back to my hometown.
And I used to answer them"I will get marry in 21st century."

But I began to think that I want to be a wife of someone just before my 30's.

Because,Most of my business client were married women,and I began to feel that I was in an awkward position.

In those days,I saw my husband.
I was quite lucky!

It will have been 10 years in next year since we got married.
I feel very happy when I look back this 10 years.

【Q2.When will you want to marry?】

If I were a single woman....

I think that it doesn't matter how old I am,and it must be happy if I meet a person who I eager to marry in my 60's or 70's.

But, maybe I can not ?

【Q3.What do you expect of your wife or husband?】

Having strong will.
Keeping tight mental relationship with me.
Sharing same goal in our life.
Loving our each familiy.

【Q4.How many children do you want to have?】

It's border line....

【Q5.What will you do if your partner cheat you?】

If he told me "I love her seriously.",I could divorce him as soon as I could.
But,I would make him compensate for me as much as he could.

He should restart with nothing.

【Q6.What is tip for perfect harmony as husband and wife ?】

I quite agree with Hinata!
I usually think that I want to make him happy!

【Q7.Do you give up your job when you get marry?
Or,Do you want to have your partner give up his/her job?】

I 've never thought that I should give up my job if I get marry.
I couldn't do so if we had a child,but I don't want to give up my job to keep my balance.

【Q8.What do you expect of your marriage?】

To share the goal in our lives

To get rid of fatigue owing to work.(@@)

【Q9.Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?】

We didn't go honeymoon.
If we had gone,we must've had quarrels.
I basically like to travel alone.

【Q10.What kind of lessons do you want to have your children take?】

I want them to take whatever they can put their heart and soul into.
I wonder what it will be?

【Q11.Next Seven】

Oh, Who should I ask?

Tore Tore , Baby Jesus , Megumi , Ahtan , Sanae , Spacia , Flow!!!!
I am looking forward to read your survey!




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